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Art. Meet Science.

The future is data, and it’s now. We are tracking recruitment metrics and developing predictive HR modeling to drive results.

We understand that the unique traits an individual brings to the table are usually seen through the prism of our own experiences. What makes Sigma Management Group different is how we interpret those traits. When we are considering candidates we look at potential matches through a data-driven lens. We establish quantifiable metrics and validate candidates based on a series of tests and measurements.

Recruitments Metrics > Actionable Analytics > Performance Impact.

The dollar impact of high-performing new hires is a metric that, when utilized, has critical relevance to corporate performance. We aren’t just recruiting, we are gathering data. We create predictive performance models that alert recruiters and hiring managers about upcoming issues and opportunities.

That doesn’t stop at recruiting. We look, at turnover, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and quality-of-hire.

Case Study: Historical Metrics Vs. Actionable Analytics

Historical metric — Last year’s corporate turnover rate was 9%.

Predictive analytic – “As a result of a drop in the industry-wide unemployment rate, there is an 82% chance that the turnover rate in this corporate-discipline will dramatically increase from last year’s 9% up to 14.5% within the next six months and up to 18% within 10 months.”

Actionable Predictive Analytic — An actionable analytic adds a cost figure to the standard predictive metric “We anticipate that this 100% increase in turnover will reduce your group’s output over the next 10 months by 23% resulting in a reduced productivity value of $3,405,000.” It also adds a “recommended action” component “the recommended action is to implement robust retention plans for the top-performing 18% in this job discipline; they cost $3,000 each to develop and have a 91% success rate.”